I want to start this blog off with the story of how Peter and I met.

Allow me to forewarn you that I have a love, hate relationship with writing papers. So belay the upcoming run on sentences and all the mis use of punctuation marks! Thanks!

How we met

Peter and I are both enlisted in the Navy Reserves, as such we were both mobilized/ deployed for the first time last year. one of the best things about the Navy is that you get to travel away from your comfort zones, away from your closest families and friends and get to meet some really great people. you begin to form bonds with others who are experiencing the same and you never forget them. that’s ultimately how we met. It was a small base and we had mutual friends and before we knew it, we were friends. the first time I remembered a brief encounter with Peter was on our shuttle ride to the NEX one day, a friend of ours was sitting next to me and Peter in front. I remembered he tapped Peter on the shoulder and said, hey I heard you were a personal trainer. can you help us. referring to me and him. Peter, the kind fellow that he is replied,” yea, I’ll write you guys up something.” Less than a week later, while in passing, Peter handed me a four page workout plan.

fast forward to a few weeks later, we were both at the gym around the same time. I was finishing up on the bike when Peter came up to me and asked if I’d like to do a circuit training workout with him, and that’s how it all got started. He officially became my workout partner and my accountability partner.

What brought us and kept us together?

Our faith. once we became friends it was so easy to talk to Peter about everything. One day I mentioned that I was looking for a new service to attend on Sundays and he mentioned going to one that he really liked. I took him up on his recommendation and we eventually began going to that service practically every Sunday. It was so amazing to freely worship God in front of someone that I had a crush on, and just be focused on God. The fact that we could be so open about our love for Christ and not feel judged or uncool in a military setting was just amazing.

The day I told Peter that I had a crush on him, I remember so vividly. it was a usually hot day, actually it was Memorial Day weekend. We planned a morning hike with our friends who all bailed and it was just the two of us. That didn’t stop us, we grabbed our snacks, our water, our nerf guns and we went hiking. One of the best hikes; we made up nerf gun games and there we were, walking up and down the hills, dodging nerf gun bullets and having the best time. At the top of the hill there was this random bench, I thought that it was only right that we took a break. I asked Peter if he had a marker, which he did, I was surprised but it came in handing for my next idea. I told him that I was going to write a note, but you could not look at it until I ran away. on bench I wrote, “CL might be cute” (CL was peter’s work name). I wrote it, took a deep breath and ran the fastest I’d ever run down the hill. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t fall and seriously hurt my self down the hill. I just knew that I had to get away just in case he didn’t like me back. I think my anxiety and embarrassment propelled me down that hill before I could think of it.

Then I stopped. when my legs were burning and my heart needed a break for oxygenation I stopped. I remembered being nervous and embarrassed thinking about his potential reaction. what if didn’t like me? what if he just thought I was a good person to hang out with but that’s it? The idea of possibly being rejected by him made me nervous, and I could hardly look at him. When he did catch up to me he said, “ok lets talk about this “might be cute.”” with the best smile. I could’ve lost it with happiness. The coast was clear, he knew I liked him and after hugging and holding hands on our walk back to our barracks, I figured he liked me too.

Post hike we talked about Dear John letters, how I was obsessed with he book and movie. If you’ve ever seen Dear John, the beginning letters were really cute. I loved the idea of exchanging letters. We parted ways for a few hours and then he brought me my first letter from him. Before reading his letter, we sat outside for a while to talk. We talked about relationships, Before parting ways, I asked him if we could pray together every night. to which he said he would love to. every night since that day we’ve prayed together. Our faith in God and allowing him to be our foundation is really what kept us together.

Published by pseverything5

My name is Sherene I am a Registered Nurse. I met and fell in love with my Fiance Peter when we were both deployed serving in the US Navy reserves. I created this blog as a fun, creative outlet!

10 thoughts on “PS_Love

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I feel pushed even more to start a blog as I was told by a publishing company a few years ago when I heard clear from God that I need to start writing my book. Anyways I am truly happy for Peter and you and that God brought you both together. I want you to know that God has brought you both together for a reason and a purpose and I believe you both probably discussed it and know what the purpose for your relationship and soon to be marriage will be. I just want to comment foremost on your ending statement, โ€œevery night since that day weโ€™ve prayed together. Our faith in God and allowing him to be our foundation is really what kept us together.โ€ Yes Peter and Sherene continuing praying together, reading the word of God together, and keeping God at the head and center of your relationship and having Him as your foundation is everything and He will continue to keep you both joined together in a strong bond. Look forward to reading more and more from you. Continual blessings Peter and Sherene.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’œ


  2. OMG this is so beautiful โค I can just imagine you doing all of this, especially the run down the hill lol! Gosh, I am so happy for you and excited to see what’s to come.


  3. Me Thang!!!! Always so sweet ! you havenโ€™t changed!!!!
    My love and support AND prayers in this new endeavor.

    Loved it!!! Looking forward to hearing more!!!! (Yes I could hear you ).


  4. I have tears. I am so thankful to God that He has brought you into our family and brought you into Pete’s life. We love you! This blog beginning was beautiful! Excited to hear more!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™


  5. Omg… I love this, I enjoy reading. You guys are adorable. Sherene you are the best and you do deserve the best and I believe God has blessed you with the best.๐Ÿ˜Š I am praying for you guys.โคโค Blessings always


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