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Welcome to my blog!!

My name is Sherene and I am so grateful you took the time to visit! If you wanna be virtual friends, or have questions feel free to ask!

You can follow Peter and I on our youtube channel or our instagram page for fun, fitness and all things couple related!

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PS_ Love – there’s more to the story…

If you’ve taken the time to read PS_ love, thank you!! Sharing your time and energy is more than I can ask for! Thank you! This will be a little more background to our story, it’ll explain more of our relationship from when we were just friends who didn’t know if the other was flirting,…

PS_Coming to America

Immigration is an individualized, private process. Each experience is unique and different. I migrated to the US as a teenager with my family and so details of the process that got us here is not something that I am familiar with. Our parents worked selflessly and tirelessly to get us here and shielded us from…


I want to start this blog off with the story of how Peter and I met. Allow me to forewarn you that I have a love, hate relationship with writing papers. So belay the upcoming run on sentences and all the mis use of punctuation marks! Thanks! How we met Peter and I are both…